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Welcome to, I'm Keshu Rai an iOS App developer from India. I have over five years of experience developing apps for iOS devices. I have worked with many different iOS frameworks and am a very quick learner. I have a passion for user experience and enjoy designing user interfaces that are a delight to use. Being in this industry for 5 years, I have worked with small, mid-size teams as well as handled the complete app alone.

In November 2019, I took a step to start contributing to the swift community by answering developers' queries on StackOverflow. And now is the day that I spend more time on StackOverflow than Facebook. You can also see my profile in Top 10 Swift & iOS Answeres on Stackoverflow

This blog is also one of my ways to contribute more to the Swift community and share my knowledge with everyone. If you are a first time visitor here, do subscribe to my mailing list to receive weekly updates on iOS app Development.

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iOS App Development Blogs

UIKit, CoreAnimations, Storing data locally using CoreData, etc. Eveything you will find here.

Swift Programming

Understanding the basic principles of Swift is important to become a good iOS Developer.

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5 Years of Experience



Senior Secondary

C, C++, MS-DOS .


Bachelors in Technology (Computer Science)

I was interested in programming since early college days. In my 4 years of college, I started my own venture, worked on it for a year and then sold it to a company. I did internships to improve my programming skills and that's how I came into iOS App development.


2015 - 2017

iOS App Developer Freelancer

In my college days, I did a few projects on iOS app development for local companies. I also worked on WordPress to create my first business website.

May 2017 – Jul 2018

Junior iOS App Developer

Meshtek is a startup mainly focusing on Augmented Reality. I got to work on ARKit and we developed a product that was showcased in the top college of India, IIT Kanpur. Along with ARKit, I also worked on some US, UK based projects in which my main task was to create screen layouts and animations.

Aug 2018 – Feb 2019

iOS App Developer

Xicom is a service-based company. I worked on a dating app, a food pickup app, a trading app, etc. The food pickup app was in Trending #20 in the AppStore for 2 months.

March 2019 - Current
Wapster Technologies

Senior iOS App Developer

In Wapster, I work as a team lead to instruct the developers to write efficient code and follow SOLID principles.


Swift Programming




UI Designing Adobe XD


Android (Kotlin)



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