Dating App for iOS

(Last Updated On: September 24, 2021)

When working for Xicom, I got the chance to work on a college dating app called Pairr. My task was to create the project from scratch for iOS and also guide the API Developer about the APIs required and the flow of the app. Pairr app includes features like Voice Calling, Video Calling, Blind Match, Text Chat, Tinder Like UI for browsing Matches etc.

I used KolodaView for the Tinder Like UI and Twillio for integrating voice and video chat.

The app is currently archived and no longer available for download.

Architecture MVC
User Interface Storyboard
Language Swift 4
Minimum Deployment Target iOS 9.0+
Deployment Info iPhone/iPad/Mac
Networking Alamofire
Database UserDefaults, Keychain
CocoaPods (Third Party Frameworks) IQKeyboardManager, SDWebImage, SkeletonView, Alamofire, Twillio


Pairr, the number one dating app for college/university students will allow you to date, and meet other people from schools of your choice. Being the only dating app, meticulously carved out for you and your mates, it will allow you to expand your horizon and look at dating from a different perspective. Pairr will allow you to swipe up and down, on students whom you’ll look at and judge not just by their looks, but also by their major(s), age, and biography description. It also has a great feature that will allow you to send a blind-date request to users of your choice.

Do you sometimes hesitate whether or not you should give your phone number to someone whom you just met? Well, don’t worry, Pairr has got you covered. With its pre-installed feature that allows you to chat via text, audio message, phone, and video, you won’t have to hesitate whether you should give out your number or not. Pairr is built only for college/university students, allowing students to interact and date amongst themselves. According to a study conducted, college is one of the main places where people find love. Why not make it yours too? Download the Pairr app, get started, and stay tuned for some upcoming, jaw-dropping features that will allow you to expand your horizons even more!